Who are we?

This all began back in 2016 when we participated in a autism walk and decided to sell T-shirts for team "blue for boo".  The response was a lot better than we ever expected, so we decided the next year to hold our own event.  So, in 2017, Blue for Boo was born.  After that year, it was just off to the races and has gained steam each year.  Now, as of November 2019, we are a 501(c)(3) recognized organization, and there are NO LIMITS to what we can do.  Join us in helping each and every special needs child in our community. 

Who is Boo?

Bailey, or "boo" as everyone knows him, is our 16, soon to be 17,  year old son.  He has non-verbal autism and a mild form of epilepsy.  I don't believe there is a person in Marshall County who doesn't know who Boo is.  He has developed a "following", and it amazes us each and every day how he is able to touch people in a special way.  Now, as we have always been able to provide for him, we are doing what we can to help provide for other children just like Boo in our community.

One thing about Boo, which is not very common in autistic children, is he is very social.  He LOVES his friends.  Yes ,there are times he just wants to be alone, but don't we all?  But, for the most part, Boo loves being around his friends.  And, as you can see, his friends love being around him.

Boo hasn't been without his hurdles.  If LeBonheur gave frequent flyer miles, he would have a hundred trips lined up.  From surgery, to seizures, with his last being brain surgery in January of 2019, we have made many trips to LeBonheur.  But, we are grateful to have somewhere like that here close to us that offers the greatest care we have ever seen.  

All in all, our road with Boo has had some bumps along the way, but we wouldn't trade one step we've made for anything else in the world.  We thank God every day for our Boo, and we work every day to make his life better.  But we also know, that along the way, he has made us better people as well.

There are many children in our community and surrounding areas just like Boo, and we want to reach out to each and every one of them in any way we can and try to touch their lives in some small way. 

Watch Boo's Television Debut Here

He was SO excited to be on television.  He kind of steals the show a couple of times watching himself on the big monitor

Blue for Boo, Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and state charity.
All donations / sponsorship's are tax deductible

David Hinshaw, President
Holly Springs, MS
[email protected]

Dylan A. Rowe, BS
Vice President
Petal, MS

Catherine A. Moxley
Ecru, MS

Linda L. Hinshaw
Holly Springs, MS